Courses 2017

Fused Glass for All 

 8th April,13th May,10th June, 8th July,19th August, 9th September,

14th October,11th November, 9th December 10-12pm and 10-3pm

Fused Glass Weaving

 20th April,6th May,1st July, 2nd September,15th October 10-3pm

Fused Glass Landscapes

 4th March, 7th May, 24th May, 8th June, 21st September, 7th October 10-3pm

Fused Glass Seascapes

 30th April, 23rd May, 9th June, 22nd September, 8th October 10-3pm

Fused Glass Crackle technique

 29th April,18th May, 20th July, 27th September 10-3pm

Fused Glass Christmas Decorations

22nd and 24th November,10th December 10-12pm  

Fused Glass Powders/Frits and Inclusions

18th March,15th June, 5th August, 29th October 10-12pm

Fused Glass Casting

16th June, 20th August 10-3pm

Creating Glass Decals

 27th April, 6th June,19th September,13th November 1-3pm

Printing on Glass

15th April,17th June, 6th August, 26th October 10-3pm

Make with Mum 

25th March 10-12pm and 1-3pm

Make with Dad

 7th June 10-12pm and 1-3pm

Fossil vitra

 8th April, 4th May,13th July,16th November 10-3pm

Enamelling without a Kiln

11th March, 7th June, 13th July 1-3pm

Enamelling on copper and Silver

1st April ,14th June,14th July 10-3pm

Kiln Preparation and Firing

 29th July, 20th September, 2nd November 1-3pm

Stained Glass (create a Panel) 

19th March, 13th April, 30th July, 31st August, 9th November 10-3pm

Fused Glass Jewellery

 9th April, 18th May, 29th June, 23rd September, 23rd November 10-3pm

Silver Clay Jewellery

18th March, 20th May, 10th June,19th september 1-3pm

Silver Jewellery (Hammered Pendant) 

25th May,11th June, 24th September 10-12pm

Silver Jewellery (Textured Ring) 

 25th May,11th June,24th September 1-3pm

Glass Beadmaking

 21st March ,1st June, 20th July, 3rd August, 9th September 10-3pm

Engraving on Glass

17th May,12th June,13th September 10-12pm

Glass Mosaic -cement free-

17th May,12th June,13th September 1-3pm

All classes are run from Redcurrant Glass located in the heart of Pendle.Taster sessions( 2 hours) are £35 and full day courses are £85 per person. All classes include qualified tuition, materials (except dichroic glass and silver clay) tools and refreshments (full day sessions include lunch).Suitable for all abilities and ages, children must be accompanied, group bookings are also available.You can book online via my store on main page.