Courses 2020

Redcurrant Glass Courses 2020
All classes are run from Redcurrant Glass located in the heart of Pendle, lancashire.

Due to covid -19 class sizes have been reduced from 12 to just 4. To further ensure your safety screens are in place to enable social distancing, Hand gels and individual tool kits on every work station.

Taster sessions £35, Full day courses £85, 2 day Courses £170, per person. All classes include qualified tuition, basic materials,use of tools, refreshments and lunch on full day / 2 day sessions.

Commencing 15th September new six week courses £150 person including basic materials.

To book visit my online store page where you will find further course details or call 07790541659

Friday 10th – Fused Glass Taster
Saturday 11th – Fused Glass for All
Thursday 16th – Silver clay Jewellery
Friday 17th- Fused Glass Landscapes/seascapes
Thursday 23rd- Cold Enamelling
Saturday 25th – Glass Mosaic

2nd/3rd –Splash backs
6th – Glass Casting
7th – Fused Glass Taster
8th - Fused Glass for All
10th –Enamelling
13th – Silver Jewellery Course
28th – Fused glass Flower plaques

6th- Fused Glass Taster
7th- Fused Glass for All
13th-Fused Glass jewellery
21st/22nd Stained Glass Course
29th- Silver Jewellery Course
30th March – Glass Bead making

2nd- Glass Mosaic
20th- Enamelling
23rd – Silver Clay Jewellery
24th – Fused Glass Flower Plaques
25th- Acid Etching on Glass
30th- Silver Jewellery Course

1st- Fused Glass Jewellery
8th- Fused Glass Taster
9th- Fused Glass for All
14th May – Silver Jewellery Course
15th- Fused Glass Landscapes/Seascapes
18th- Glass Bead making
21st/22nd- Stained Glass Course

5th- Fused Glass Flower Plaques
12th- Fused Glass for All
14th- Silver Jewellery Course
19th- Fused Glass Jewellery
22nd- Cold Enamelling
25th- Silver Clay Jewellery
26th/27th – Splash backs Course
29th- Glass Mosaic

9th- Glass Bead making
10th- Fused Glass Taster
11th –Fused Glass for All
12th/13th- Stained Glass Course
16th- Silver Jewellery Course
21st- Enamelling
26th- Acid Etching on Glass
28th- Fused Glass

1st-Fused Glass Landscapes/seascapes
6th- Silver Jewellery Course
8th/9th- Stained Glass Course
11th- Fused Glass Plaques
22nd - Silver Clay Course
23rd- Glass casting

9th/10th Stained Glass Course
12th- Fused Glass for All
22nd-Silver Jewellery course
24th-Glass Bead making
28th-Glass mosaic
30th- Enamelling

September 6 week courses
15th- Silver Course 10am-12 pm,
15th- Glass Mosaic 1-3pm
17th- Stained Glass 10am-12pm
17th - Fused Glass 1-3pm
18th- Fused Glass 10am-12pm

1st-Glass Bead making
9th- Fused Glass Taster
10th- Fused Glass for All
12th- Silver Jewellery course
19th- Glass Casting

6th- Fused Glass Taster
7th –Fused Glass for All
13th- Acid etching on Glass
15th- Silver Jewellery Course
19th-Cold enamelling
20th- Fused Glass Jewellery
27th- Fused Glass Christmas decorations
28th/29th- stained Glass Course

3rd –Silver Clay Jewellery
4th-Fused Glass Christmas Decorations
10th/11th- Stained Glass Course
12th- Fused Glass for All