Courses 2021

Redcurrant Glass Courses 2021
All classes are run from Redcurrant Glass located in the heart of Pendle, lancashire.

Due to covid -19 class sizes have been reduced from 12 to just 4/5. To further ensure your safety screens are in place to enable social distancing, Hand gels and individual tool kits on every work station.

Taster sessions £35, Full day courses £99, 2 day Courses £198, per person. All classes include qualified tuition, basic materials,use of tools, refreshments and lunch on full day / 2 day sessions.

Six week courses £99 per person plus materials.

To book visit my online store page where you will find further course details or call 07790541659

6 week Courses commencing as follows-
7th October - Silver Course 1-3 pm- weekly
6th October - Glass Mosaic 1-3pm-weekly
7th October - Stained Glass 10am-12pm- weekly
8th October - Fused Glass 1-3pm- weekly
6th October - Watercolours for beginners - 10-12 pm
9th October - Fused Glass 10am-12pm-this date is Monthly

January 2021
 9th- Fused Glass for All 
10th- Silver clay Jewellery 
 11th- Fused Glass Landscapes 
12th- Glass bead making
 23rd- Cold Enamelling 
 24th- Glass Mosaic 
30th- Silver jewellery course

 3rd/4th Splash backs
 7th- Glass Casting
 9th - Fused Glass for All
 10th- Enamelling 
13th- Silver Jewellery Course
 14th- Fused glass Flower plaques
 27th- Fused Glass Fossil vitra
4th- Fused Glass Taster 
13th- Fused Glass for All
 14th-Fused Glass Jewellery
 22nd/23nd- Stained Glass Course
 29th- Silver Jewellery Course
 28th- Glass Bead making

2nd- Glass Mosaic
4th-Fused Glass- Sqraffito/crackle glaze/batik
10th-Fused Glass for All 
20th- Enamelling 
23rd- Silver Clay Jewellery
24th- Fused Glass Flower Plaques 
25th- Acid Etching on Glass
30th- Silver Jewellery Course

9th- Fused Glass-screen printing
8th- Fused Glass for All
17th- May Silver Jewellery Course 
20th- Fused Glass Seascapes
18th- Glass Bead making 
22nd/23rd- Stained Glass Course
24th- Fused glass Fossil Vitra
26th-Watercolour- Boats n Beach huts 
 3rd- Fused Glass Flower Plaques 
12th- Fused Glass for All 
13th- Silver Jewellery Course 
17th- Fused Glass Jewellery
21st- Fossil Vitra
 26th- Cold Enamelling
 27th- Silver Clay Jewellery
 28th/29th Stained Glass
30th- Watercolour- Boats n Beach huts 

1st- Glass Bead making 
5th - Fossil Vitra
10th Fused Glass for All
11th/12th- Stained Glass Course
20th- Silver Jewellery Course 24th- Watercolour- Boats n Beach huts  
26th- Acid Etching on Glass
31st-Fused Glass Landscapes

 7th Fused Glass for All
8th- Watercolour- Boats n Beach huts 
  9th/10th- Stained Glass Course
 11th - Silver Clay Course
 19th- Glass casting
28th - Silver Jewellery Course

4th - Fused Glass for All 
19th -Fossil Vitra
18th-Silver Jewellery course 
25th-Glass Bead making 
26th-Glass mosaic 
28th- Fused glass seascapes
30th- Enamelling

5th-Glass Bead making  
9th- Fused Glass for All 
10th- Silver Stone Setting
2nd- Silver Jewellery course 
14th- Glass Casting
19th- Copper foil Flowers
21st- Fused Glass-Sqraffito, crackle Glaze, batik

13th Fused Glass for All 
14th- Acid etching on Glass 
20th- Silver Jewellery Course 
18th-Cold enamelling 
20th- Fused Glass Jewellery
 26th- Fused Glass Christmas decorations 
28th/29th- stained Glass Course

13th Silver Jewellery  Course 
9th - Fused Glass Christmas decorations
7th – Copper foil Fairies 
11th- Fused Glass for All 
14th/15th- Stained Glass Course